Your Personality is your non-verbal Resume

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Your Personality is your non-verbal Resume

Personality: Trait that needs strong roots

We often consider our personality to be only associated with how we cast impression on others, but it is very closely associated with what we really think of ourselves as we are more likely to cast leave positive imprints on others if we think our own net worth to be strong and high value.
Persona Crest offers proven methods to improve and manage your personality at work:

  1. Become Organized – Being organized helps you save time and money and both come at a premium in today’s fast paced environment. A disorganized person can never show traits of good personality as no one likes cluttered desks and confused workers in the office
  2. Stay Calm, absorb then reflect – Staying calm is stressful situations immediately makes you stand out from the crowd and people take notice of your capability to cushion, understand and then reflect your emotions. This is definitely a sign of a developed personality
  3. Categorize your Important tasks over Urgent – While we all know how emails from bosses can take priority over every learning and other priorities you might have set for the day, you can still intelligently set alerts for emails arriving from important persons/contacts and then leave the rest to be reviewed when your important tasks are accomplished. Do not let urgent tasks cloud your day with false sense of accomplishments
  4. High Sense of Self-Awareness – Critically evaluate yourself in terms of SWOT (Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses, Threats). A smart employee capitalizes on strengths to create action plans for opportunities and weaknesses and prevents threats by exhibiting smart personality and self-image traits to the others at work
  5. Plan your Image Enhancer for the day a night before – More than likely, you have all the meetings lined up for a day at least 24 hours in advance. This gives you sufficient time to plan your appearance, communication and behavioural traits for the next day depending upon who you are meeting with what purpose.

Your personality can make or break your self-image. Your career potential is primarily driven by your desire to learn, grow and branch out. Do not be afraid of acquiring new traits as it is never too late to develop your personality and master your life.
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