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Personal makeover is an essential part of exploring who you are. You will be surprised to learn how clothing and grooming works to enhance our self-image. Just as time and life management are important, so is image management and personal makeover. When you optimize on what you wear, you not only enhance your own human experience, but also project yourself to be presented in an aesthetically pleasing way. We help you express who you are!

Personal Consultation module includes:
1. Body and Face Shape Evaluation
2. Personal/Professional Style Scale
3. Style Options
4. Color Options
5. Acquiring Accessories – simple basic, coordinated classics
6. Wardrobe Evaluation
7. Basic Cluster Plan
8. Advanced Cluster Plan
9. Personal Shopping Experience
10. Optimize your shopping and closet experience by evaluating cost per wear and investment buying
11. Creating Fantastic Fit
12. Effective Grooming
13. Body Language
14. Etiquette – Complement your image with appropriate business and social etiquette
15. Speech and Voice Evaluation
16. Time and Stress Management
17. Other Personal Transformation Modules available on request.

The ideal start point for personal transformation is to perform need analysis through face to face/skype meeting and then creating a customized plan that best suits your needs and wants.