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The world takes a mere 2-3 seconds to form the first impression about you and several of such impressions are formed throughout the day. We help you rely on your Appearance, Clothing and Image as a resource, an effective tool you can use to achieve your goals in personal and professional spheres. Your image attributes comprises Dressing, Grooming, Body Language and Etiquette

As a professional, you always want to put the best foot forward, you would certainly like these elements to work for you and we help you to master the Image Makers and avoid Image Breakers.

Image Management is a life skill and involves a constant evaluation and control of the impact your image has on yourself and others as well on others. It is all about creating an Authentic, Appropriate, Attractive and Affordable personal and professional image that boosts your confidence, credibility and capability at personal and professional level.

Come, explore your image traits and work with us to create the right inner and outer image

Image Advantage Packages includes:

  1. Evaluation of current and upcoming roles and goals
  2. Determining the image map for the relevant industry
  3. Personal Profiling – Image Makers and Breakers
  4. Understading current image gaps
  5. Developing the Power Look
  6. current and desired communication style
  7. Executive Presence
  8. Authenticity & Congruancy in Personal and Professional Image
  9. Wardrobe Evaluation & Personal Shopping Tips
  10. Complementary evaluation on soft skills

Remember that your image is a part of who you are and the language it speaks is far more powerful and persuasive than verbal communication.