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The world takes only 2-3 seconds to form the first impression about you and your personal Image management courses is the most critical element in forming this impression. We help you rely on your clothing as well as Image as a resource, an effective tool that you can use to achieve your goals in personal and professional spheres.

Primary Image Attributes
1. Non-Verbal – Dressing, Grooming, Body Language and Etiquette.
2. Verbal – Speech and Writing.

As a professional, you always want to put the best foot forward, you would certainly like these elements to work for you and we help you to master the Image Makers and avoid Image Breakers.

Image Management is a life skill and involves a constant evaluation and control of the impact your image has on yourself and others as well as the response from others. It is creating an authentic, appropriate, attractive and affordable personal and professional image that multiplies your confidence, credibility and capability at personal and professional level. Image Management is essential while you are attending a high-profile meeting that requires you to deliver a flawless presentation or a social event where you would like to be perceived as charming and attractive.

Remember that your image is a part of who you are and the language it speaks is far more powerful and persuasive than verbal communication.

It is a well-known fact that the Bankers are entrusted with multi-tasking capabilities and are expected to undertake and deliver flawlessly on critical business responsibilities on a day to day basis. The Image brings a lot of relevance to their daily roles and goals. Image creates the aura around them of being the problem-solvers, the myth-breakers and direction-providers.

Today, the digital world challenges the BFSI industry with dynamic customer expectations and the Bankers need to be on the top of their communication skills with the clients to ensure that they have necessary skills and competence to handle these challenges. Each interaction is therefore expected to be clear on the subject, on the top of the domain and super class confidence that exudes out of the appearance management phenomenon.

Why Bankers need Image Management? To create re-call value, to ensure that they can be trusted by their clients for best advice on financial matters. Clients will form first impressions through the appearance, body language and a host of other non-verbal cues before they actually interact with you verbally. The verbal interactions are further advanced through self-fulfilling prophecy about the 65-80% of the overall first impression created by non-verbal signs. Could there be more compelling reasons for Bankers to care about how they look, respond and communicate! Decide for yourself.

And this is not just needed when there is a face to face interaction with the customers. With global clocks and follow the sun model approach, the world is fast becoming a place with no downtime. A client might be domiciled in one country but gets serviced by someone sitting in front of computer in another part of this world.

Image Management is a must for all Wealth Managers and Senior Leadership team in a financial institution – to create the WOW factor and continue assuring the clients that bankers are the effective gatekeepers for all their financial security goals.