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Image Management for Bankers – Our Signature Program

Banking Industry is dynamic than ever today and professionals in the sphere of core Operations, AML and Audit require a set of values to be reflected through their image in their day to day responsibilities. The finer aspects of the industry requires attention to details, integrity and looking beyond the obvious. Persona Crest’s image management for Bankers help you put the best foot forward

Together, the combined elements of Image create a visible language and we announce ourselves. Bankers have a specific requirement to carry themselves in a certain way. Persona Crest helps you develop your personal style and help you execute your roles and goals effectively. While many people do not notice these non-verbal semiotics, you are different and deserve fully to expand your frame of reference. The key components of Image Management includes Grooming, Body Language, Dressing right for the occasion and create an effective inner and outer image to succeed in this challenging environment

Remember, the way you look sets the ground for your first impression and has a potential to make those impressions lasting.

Dress like you mean business, know how authority levels in clothing help you deliver the message effectively, makes difficult communications easier