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Our Signature Offering – Image Management for Bankers

Banking Industry is dynamic than ever today and professionals in the sphere of core operations, AML KYC and Audit require a set of values to be reflected through their image in their day to day responsibilities. The finer aspects of the industry requires attention to details, integrity and looking beyond the obvious. Persona Crest’s Image Management for Bankers helps you achieve exactly the same.

Together, the combined elements of Image create a visible language that creates impression on our customers to generate trust, faith and relationships. While many people do not notice these non-verbal semiotics, you are different and fully deserve to expand your frame of reference. The key components of Image Management includes Grooming, Body Language, Dressing right for the occasion and create an effective inner and outer image to succeed in this challenging environment

Today, the digital world challenges the BFSI industry with dynamic customer expectations and the Bankers need to be on the top of their communication skills with the clients to ensure that they have necessary skills and competence to handle these challenges. Each interaction is therefore expected to be clear on the subject, on the top of the domain and super class confidence that exudes out of the appearance management phenomenon.

Why Bankers need Image Management? To create re-call value, to ensure that they can be trusted by their clients for best advice on financial matters.

Services exclusively for Bankers:

  1. Creating positive first and lasting impressions
  2. Serving Global Clients
  3. Personal Figure/Body Type Evaluation
  4. Personal Style Evaluation
  5. Wardrobe Strategies
  6. Using communication as a high-return investment with your clients
  7. Negotiation and Conflict Management Skills
  8. Go Global – International Travel Etiquette

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