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It is an organizational need to optimize on the human capital and ensure that employees have a sound understanding on the short term and long-term goals and vision of the organization. While all employees are provided with a well-structured induction or process training programs, the how aspects of the  management remain largely unexplained and they surface much later with related ramifications. Persona Crest firmly believes in providing a learning platform that enables employees to fully understand what it takes to deliver an optimal performance, understand the Customer Service Training required when their roles and goals are changed and they step up the corporate ladder

Our corporate training programs can be customized for various corporate levels
1. Entry Level Executive Program
2. Mid-Level Executive Program
3. Senior Level Executive Program

Image – Critical Success Driver

You are unique and one of the kind on this planet, there’s no one else like you in this world, isn’t it a reason to be thrilled and celebrate this journey called life!  Image is the trait that connects you to this celebration.

So, what is Image? Simply put, it is the aura and energy we carry within and around ourselves in terms of responding to daily life scenarios and events.

What attracts us about a person we meet in our day to day life? – the wardrobe, speaking style, knowledge and body language. These traits collectively build our image and each of them is critical in forming the first impression.

The way we look also affects the way we think, feel and act which is why it’s so important that we create lasting first impressions Customer Service Training.

Good news is that you can learn to create the right inner image through professional guidance and we specialise in developing and grooming that state of mind that helps you discover the ‘true you’; unleashing your real talent and potential within.

Managerial Effectiveness and Leadership Development

From essentials of effective team management skills to being the most popular leader around, this program focuses on developing and retaining the leadership skills necessary to acquire and retain the best talent along with building a world-class team of committed individuals. Leadership is all about not giving up when the going gets tough and our 2-day module helps you to sharpen the saw on the leadership continuum.

Time and Stress Management

Practicing effective self-management is the key to personal and professional mastery. Our 2-day powerful time management program helps you create the ability to envision, to see the potential and ability to detect our own uniqueness in terms of achieving more in the 24 hours’ day. We help you transition through creating the mental image to physical creation of desired success.

Communication and Business Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Training in Delhi cultivating a strong and persistent desire to succeed with the benefits of preparing and acting confident in front on an audience is what we prepare you for. This ability is not difficult to acquire, but needs constant practice to overcome fear that causes lack of confidence. Our planning and preparation guide on public speaking and vocabulary enrichment will certainly help you crossing that extra mile at workplace.

Emotional Intelligence and Empathy

Understanding the corporate environment and work dynamics is as important as reflecting on them. Being expressive is an asset in terms of professional competence. With EQ considered as a better and more realistic measurement of personality compared to IQ, there are proven benefits taking up this interactive training program for improved mental health and better job performance, as well as gained knowledge to absorb and reflect judiciously.

Power of Positive Thinking

This is a simple, practical and personality improvement 2-day workshop focused on achieving a happy, satisfying and worthwhile life through positive affirmations. Realizing the power of positive thinking is the key to thrive in today’s highly competitive corporate world. Come and explore our reservoir of success designed for you.

Networking Skills

Networking is one of the most critical success driver today. No matter what culture or work background we belong to, we all speak the language of referrals. Structured networking programs can make the difference between the degree of business success. A systematic networking effort is personally empowering; it’s one of the few investments that you should certainly consider to positively influence your business goals. Learn what it takes to be a super networked.

Managing First Impressions

First impressions are the cues that strangers form of you within 3 to 5 seconds of meeting you. It’s your visual resume with your brief synopsis- enough to judge your persona. With just a snapshot available to create the right first impressions, it’s of utmost importance in the corporate world to create the right Image as this impact everything to follow in a BIG way. First impressions are different from tangible corporate profiling that weaves around academic qualification, experience and exposure.

Know what it takes to re-discover yourself through this interactive 2 day training program