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Client Appreciation For Persona Crest

To Persona Crest
To begin with, my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to sir, for your contribution. I appreciate you and value everything I have learnt from you.
On the very first day, when I came to you, I was in a state of conflict, my anxiety level was high, and was finding myself unable to deal with some new situations at my workplace. I could remember I was not able to put myself properly for what I was looking for. The only feeling was I wanted to grow out of it. And you, not only organized my thoughts but also encouraged me on ‘how to upskill yourself”. I am thankful to sir, you have inspired me during my difficult phase, when things were bothering me too much, and teaching me coping mechanisms.
All your modules are well defined and carefully designed and developed. Objectives are clear and were suitable for my personal needs. At the end of each module, exercises related with the content are given and can be used as reference for future.
Beauty of your modules is that these are written in simple and easy to understand language, are activity based, and relate the content with the life skills. Each module is supported with practical exercises in between and in the end, that would also helpfulto apply the knowledge in day to day life.
You groomed me as a sound professional, and I am happy to share with that now I am being praised at my workplace for my cordial behavior. I accept this as a reward. Sir, you did a great job and taught me to accept praise with grace. When I walked into these doors I realized that being a teacher I am dealing with living beings (students), apart from teaching I am advising them, encouraging them and teaching them life skills too, but forgot that I also am in need of the same. With your help I learned self-help through your modules and created a new self through your well planned approach of moving from understanding of my own personality to creating positive self – image, developing self -confidence, beating worry habits, creating right first impression, importance of body language, time management, emotional and stress management etc. are just few examples of the skills I have acquired. Exercises like creating positive affirmation journal, emotional bank account and creating hoga are of great help. Here I wish to quote some lines of your image module ….” We all should celebrate the uniqueness of our personality and come out of fears, hesitation, self- inflicted beliefs and thoughts” and as a learning outcome I am instilled with all these.

I am thankful to Mrs. Khattar, she is really a nice person. She took wardrobe management sessions, and we had intensive discussions and demonstrations.

I am especially thankful to Mr. Khattar for the love and concern he shown to me, he is the one among a number of good persons I have come across in my life, ever.
In reality, I can never repay you for your valuable guidance and support. I will feel obliged if I might be of any help to you

Warm regards