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Bankers – Your First Impression Matters

Studies from HBR prove when strangers meet, they form first impressions basis the two core human competencies – Reliability and Capability

The primary evaluating parameters when strangers interact are based around questions whether I can trust this person? Or whether this person can deliver up to my expectations?. The route to this self-fulfilling prophecy strongly passes through the way you appear, behave and communicate. In business terms, trust is evaluated before competence and is a far more stable factor in defining the relationships with clients or with employees

For Bankers, creating trust with the clients is of greater significance as the client buys the wealth manager before they buy the business on where the wealth should be invested. Clients must trust you first and the way you communicate, how you communicate what you communicate matters a lot, thereby bringing your image management needs

The need for investment in your first impression solidifies further with the fact that even though that these impressions are formed within seconds of meeting the stranger, it is very difficult to change, therefore the associated pressure of forming the right first impressions when meeting the clients is intense and the stakes are quite high. The elements of Image Management and right communication practice go a long way in defining the personal image management for Bankers, Auditors and all professionals

Here’s how the trust can be generated through first Impressions:

  • Look the Part
  • Positive Body Language Gestures and Expressions
  • Active Listening
  • Appropriate Homework – research on clients’ value systems, needs etc

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