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The world takes a mere 2-3 seconds to form the first impression about you and several of such impressions are formed throughout the day...

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Image management for bankers

Our Signature Program for Banking, AML and Audit Professionals

Banking Industry is dynamic than ever today and professionals in the sphere of core Operations, AML and Audit require a set of values to be reflected through their image in their day to day responsibilities. The finer aspects of the industry requires attention to details, integrity and looking beyond the obvious. Persona Crest's image management for Bankers help you put the best foot forward.

Together, the combined elements of Image create a visible language and we announce ourselves. Bankers have a specific requirement to carry themselves in a certain way. Persona Crest helps you develop your personal style and help you execute your roles and goals effectively. While many people do not notice these non-verbal semiotics, you are different and deserve fully to expand your frame of reference. The key components of Image Management includes Grooming, Body Language, Dressing right for the occasion and create an effective inner and outer image to succeed in this challenging environment.

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Image Management Professionals Association (IMPA) is the only association of image consultants in the Indian Sub-Continent and Middle-East. Persona Crest is a member of the Delhi Chapter and this memb....

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Persona Crest’s trainers are certified from best in class institutes in the world. The Scottish Qualifications Authority is the executive non-departmental public body of the Scottish Government....

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The Image Management curriculum is accredited to Conselle,  a premium image consulting firm. Conselle is the most comprehensive image management company led by Judit Rasband, an international authori....

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Image – the way you look, care for and carry yourself, your personal style, poise and presence- is a part of who you are. what’s more, your image is you in the eyes and minds of others – a mental picture or visual impression and the way your BRAND image is perceived by the world that hardly takes 2-3 seconds to form the first and lasting impressions about you. Simply put, Image is your self-presentation

We all project ourselves long before we are close enough to speak. In other words, by the time we meet and vocally converse, we have already communicated volumes in the universal language of FIRST IMPRESSION. Are you ready to taken on the world? Persona Crest helps you carve a niche skill for yourself. In a nutshell, Image should matter for anyone who wants to be successful and wants to cross the new thresholds in life successfully.

The primary evaluating parameters when strangers interact are based around questions whether I can trust this person? Or whether this person can deliver up to my expectations?. The route to this self-fulfilling prophecy strongly passes through the way you appear, behave and communicate. In business terms, trust is evaluated before competence and is a far more stable factor in defining the relationships with clients or with employees

For Bankers, creating trust with the clients is of greater significance as the client buys the wealth manager before they buy the business on where the wealth should be invested. Clients must trust you first and the way you communicate, how you communicate what you communicate matters a lot, thereby bringing your image management needs

The need for investment in your first impression solidifies further with the fact that even though that these impressions are formed within seconds of meeting the stranger, it is very difficult to change, therefore the associated pressure of forming the right first impressions when meeting the clients is intense and the stakes are quite high. The elements of Image Management and right communication practice go a long way in defining the personal image management for Bankers, Auditors and all professionals

Image enables your non verbal vocabulary. Your choices about Dressing, Grooming and Body Language serve as semiotic signs and create a powerful self-image that first influences self and then the others. The non verbal cues form close to 80 percent of your first impression and hence call for an investment that will result in magnified returns. Learn the art of making the positive first impressions on others through appropriate body language cues

Many people do not even notice these non-verbal cues, and hence do not understand them, you can be different in terms of picking these signs and using them for your advantage. Become more effective and cast positive impressions on your colleagues and Bosses by knowing these niche skills
Image Management is needed every time we cross a threshold in our lives – Entering the corporate world, taking up a new project, change in job role post promotion, networking within and outside are a few examples. This demands an image integrity and need for you to look the part. In fact, Image management is an ongoing process of evaluating and controlling the impact of your appearance on yourself and others. You need Image Management if you want to be successful and want to cross the unexplored threshold in your personal and professional life.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“The avaiation and hospitality module conducted by Persona Crest was really life-changing and full of practical application in real life. The 20 week module on Pesonality Development, Image Management and Soft Skills enhancement demonstrated higher standards of delivery, quality and comittment. Thank You Persona Crest, you helped placing our candidates in the companies of their choice.”

Aptech Aviation & Hospitality

Thank You Persona Crest. Your Image Enhancement module was a life-changing moment for me. It helped me to find a meaning to a whole lot of life aspects that I was concerned and confused about. I truly thank all efforts from your end. Truly wonderful experience”

Vidisha Mukherji – IAS Aspirant

I was going through some personal emotional issues when I was introduced to Persona Crest’s transformation module and behavioural trainings. I was breathing in my own imaginative world and PC helped me to re-connect with myself again. The concept of self-confidence really helped me” and led me to a beautiful journey of self-realization”

Neelofer – Ph.D. Scholar, University of Delhi

I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards Persona Crest for designing the personality transformation module designed exactly in accordance with my requirements/specific needs. The module proved to be immensely helpful for me with each aspect covering a variety of real life relevant examples, helping me to change the thought process and the transformation I see in myself surprises me everyday. The Body Language session was particularly helpful and interesting

Snehlata Yadav – Senior Educationist, New Delhi